Foods likes some nuts, dark chocolate and avocado are high in HDLs. Mostly the doctor would suggest you to combine it with exercises. You may still need to take medicine if your doctor determines your cholesterol level very high depending on your family history and age. Diet to lower cholesterol will give you full control over your high cholesterol problem and help you to effectively and quickly lower your cholesterol. You can make it attractive and delicious by having many types of healthy foods to choose from that are good for you and for your heart. It is not true since cholesterol has more to do with genetics and your activity than your diet.High cholesterol claims thousands of lives every year because having high cholesterol sooner or later will lead to having a heart disease, a heart attack, or a stroke. You need to consult to your doctor first before you start your diet to lower cholesterol. You can consume foods that are high in HDLs which stands for high density lipoproteins which known as good cholesterol while for bad cholesterol or known as LDLs which stands for low density lipoproteins you must reduce it. Foods that high in saturated fat likes heavy pastries, fatty meats, lard, butter, greasy sauces are very high in LDLs and you should reduce or avoid it on your low cholesterol diet menu. Although you can get fiber from fiber supplements, but it would be better if you get it from food. Diet to lower cholesterol is very simple if you know which type of cholesterol in the foods you must keep off. If you can make eating the right foods to lower your cholesterol attractive, you will Polyester multifilament yarn be success with your diet program to lower cholesterol. Nevertheless, a low cholesterol diet still holds an important aspect of your cholesterol when it combines with exercise and medications. Suririnah . Anything with oats or whole wheat is great source for fiber likes oatmeal. You may consult with your doctor about list of food that lower cholesterol. Beside eating lots of food that high in HDLs, you also need to eat foods that rich in fiber since it has been proven to lower cholesterol. You should fill out your diet with plenty of roughage likes salads and stringy green stuff without the ranch dressing. You can prevent this happen to you and your family if you act the right way. A low cholesterol diet plan would help you to reduce your cholesterol naturally and fast. A myth says that high cholesterol was caused primarily by eating too many fatty and high cholesterol foods. Author: Dr. Having a list of foods that lower in cholesterol could help you a lot on your low cholesterol diet plan.

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