These tapestries are artistic.Tapestry is a beautiful piece of fabric woven in cotton or yarn and depicting beautiful landscapes, flowers, nautical scenes, animals and wild life, coastal scenes and sea beaches, romance, common man, life styles, social gathering, myth, historic events and works of legendary artists. There are various types of tapestries such as Medieval, Belgian, Unicorn, Oriental, modern and European tapestries. Now the original designs and colors of European tapestry are much in demand worldwide. It is believed that tapestry has been used by people since the Hellenistic period. Some of the works of famous artists like Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh also form the basis of European tapestries. Now tapestry is produced all over the world. Now people of all cultures use tapestry for decorating their homes, gardens and offices. France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands were the centre of tapestry production. You can compare them and order for the ones which suit your requirements. European tapestries are known for their splendid craftsmanship. Log on to www. Belgian tapestries depict historic events like the Battle of Hastings, William the conqueror and Duke of Normandy. There are scores of vendors offering tapestries. . Tapestry is used as wall hangings, throws, table covers and cushions for decorating the home and office. There are tapestries based on the works of artists like Raphael, Verdure, Fran'ois Boucher, Aubusson, Bayeux and William Morris. Kings, nobles and clergies used tapestries for decorating their palaces and churches. They are wonderful in design and colours. Belgium tapestries including the Bayeux and Beatrix tapestries are most the preferred among European tapestries. Beatrix tapestries are generally designed with nautical and romantic scenes.tapestries-tapestry. Later, it was in the 13th and 14th century AD in Europe that tapestries were widely produced and used by people. You can buy European tapestries and others at budget-busting for more information on European tapestries. Tapestries have a long and rich history. Europe was the centre of tapestry production in the 14th and 15th centuries AD. Based on the art and culture of the past, European tapestries carry different designs with various themes. Wonderful in design and creativity, Belgian tapestries depict the rich history of the mediaeval era. Tapestry enhances the beauty Polyester DTY of the interior of a home. Works of legendary artists like Van Gogh and Claude Monte are also favorite themes of modern European tapestry. Though they are traditional, they look elegant and sophisticated. They also give you the range of their prices. You can view samples on the websites. The website has a wide collection of tapestries.


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